A selection of kind comments from happy clients:

"They have created a plan which has enabled us to increase profits in our core business, significantly reduce personal and corporate tax bills and create a complimentary business. Well done!"

"My business was going nowhere. The business mentoring I have received and the funding secured by them for my business has changed my business completely. I now have doubled my profits, work less hours and have a much better personal and business life"

"I consulted them after my previous business collapsed. They have given me back financial stability after they guided me through the set-up and marketing of what is now a growing, new, profitable business."

"We were concerned that the business started by my husband would suffer if we retired, even on a part-time basis.  Over a period of time we have satisfactorily transferred the ownership and management to our children. Without the guidance and support to plan the company succession we would not have achieved what is a perfect outcome."

"Our previous advisors had been unable to provide a satisfactory way of protecting the assets of our business.  We have carried out their planning measures and we are now extremely pleased that the company can prosper with security and be passed on to the third generation of the family."

"I had been unable to sell a property investment for approximately 10 years due to banking and title restrictions. they provided the perfect solution and I sold the property following their advice within six months. Their advice also meant I saved a quarter of a million pounds along the way."

"We consulted them following the sudden death of the company's owner. They provided a strategic plan for the directors to aquire the business, to improve business efficiency and their planning and guidance have helped profits to grow by over 700%"

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